Limited Edition - rabbit x Strava TC Pop-Up Shop!



How, not if.

Belief in a goal requires back up in the form of actions big and small, a daily re-commitment to taking steps towards a goal that may be days, weeks, months, and even years in the making.

Strava TC is a group of individuals who are taking those daily strides towards ambitious goals, both inside and outside of running.  For 10 years, we’ve been on the roads, track, and trail in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, training and racing to the best of our abilities while pursuing a wide variety of professional and academic pursuits.

We are proud to partner with rabbit, founded by runners who are also balancing work, family, and athletics, and committed to quality in every aspect.  This uncompromising perspective shows in the clothes they make.  Excellent for performance with eye-catching designs, and comfortable enough to live in even if running isn’t next on the daily agenda.

Our team has been wearing rabbit all year, and here’s your chance.  Between now and November 27, a very limited edition line of rabbit x Strava Track Club running clothes is available for pre-order.  Don’t miss this window to get yourself set up in some sweet running gear, give a perfect holiday gift to the running nerd with big goals in your life, and support our team’s efforts to train and race for excellence. 

We’re committed to eliminate the “if” each and every day, and are grateful for the partnership of rabbit, our title sponsors Strava, and our community partners as we sort out the “how”.  Help continue our momentum by shopping our rabbit x Strava Track Club pop-up shop today!